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Below is a list of conditions that we regularly treat at Quay Osteopathy, but osteopathic care is suitable for any region of the body that is painful or feels like it isn’t working effectively. If you are unsure if Osteopathic care is the right choice for your complaint, please contact the clinic to speak with an osteopath directly.

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Sudden Injury

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Treating Sudden Injury

Those moments when you wish you could go back in time by a split second. There may have been an obvious trigger or trauma for your pain, or it may have been as simple as bending to tie up your shoelace. Regardless of mechanism, sudden onset acute pain needs help - ASAP. We are experienced at working with the muscle guarding/spasms associated with injury, creative at finding comfortable positions for treatment and rest, and have the knowledge and skill to assess what has happened and give you accurate guidance on the next steps and timeframes.

Chronic Pain

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Treating Chronic pain

A stubborn area of pain that comes and goes, varying in intensity, that you just can’t get to completely resolve. We commonly see this type of pain associated with previous injury, but it is equally common be the result of repetitive strain patterns – think postural weakness or work activities. As osteopaths we have the vision to see the big picture and what’s at the core of this pain you haven’t been able to shake. We understand that with chronic pain you may have already seen “everyone”.

Joint Pain

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Treating Joint Pain

Often those “pinched nerves” aren’t a nerve at all. Joint pain can happen when we move in a way that provokes the surrounding ligaments and muscles. We feel it range from a sharp “pinch”, a stab, a tweak or a deep, vague ache. It depends on the area and size of the joint. Joint pain doesn’t mean there has been an injury, but if you do a good enough job of it, then there can be damage, “sprain” of the surrounding ligaments and this results in inflammation and swelling, further exacerbating your pain.

Muscular strains

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Treating Muscular Strains

Muscle problems tend to fall into 3 categories: 1. Direct trauma/injury. Think impact sports. 2. Muscle overuse. Think repetitive movements. 3. Muscle weakness. Think poor activation and strength. Massage is always a part of how we work at Quay Osteo – we know the muscles need to be addressed. But we also commit to showing you how to avoid ongoing problems due to overuse and weakness. And we have the knowledge to guide you on injury recovery and rehab following direct muscle injury.

Arthritis and Stiffness

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Treating Arthritis and Stiffness

No, you do not just have to put up with arthritis and pain! Yes, the body shows signs of wear and tear as we age, but working to maintaining flexibility in the joints maximises both their movement and lubrication, helping to ease the aches and pains that can be taken for granted. Feel better and do what you love!

Sports Injury & Rehab

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Treating Sports Injury & Rehab

Performance is maximised when our body is moving optimally. This is as true for amateurs as it is for professionals. Taking the time to identify physical imbalances can help to prevent injury. If injuries do occur, your osteopath is perfectly placed to test, diagnose, treat and guide you towards full recovery.


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Treating Pregnancy

What a special time - growing another human! The impact of osteopathic care during pregnancy can be remarkable. Working with the body as it stretches and grows, as the pelvic posture shifts and sways, and prepares for birth may help ease common discomforts associated with pregnancy (ie low back pain, heart burn, hip pain, waddling). Our team have undertaking extra training on pregnancy care and love supporting women at this precious, powerful and vulnerable time.


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Treating Pediatrics

With light touch and well trained senses, we can perceive areas in babies and children that are holding more tension, and pick up on asymmetry and joint restriction that may go back to birth strains or positional challenges in utero (or, more simply, falling off the bed or trampoline!) Kids are resilient and remarkably quick at healing, we find that often some soft hands and quality treatment really help things along. Want more info? Call and speak with one of our pediatric ostepaths about your baby’s specific needs.

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