Why Everyone Should Ask Questions

It is not only appropriate – but important to ask questions about any type of healthcare treatment. We encourage you to keep a list of questions that you may have about our treatments, doctors and practices,  to ensure you are making the most informed decisions about who you see and what you do, to help you on your path to good health and wellbeing.

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The age old question:  I have pain, who should I see?

There are similaries and differences between all professions who come under the “manual therapy” umbrella.  There are also similarities and differences between practitioners within the same profession.

With this in mind, it is impossible to tell you who is the absolute best practitioner for you and it would be presumptive to tell you about a profession which we haven’t studied.  What we can tell you is that it is important that you find a healthcare provider who you feel comfortable with, who provides you with clear information on your diagnosis and timeframe for recovery and gets you results for your complaint.

We treat numerous clients who have tried other professions and have found the most effective relief at Quay Osteopathy.  We are confident that we can help you.  And if for some reason we can’t, we will gladly provide a referral to an appropriate professional who can.  Your health is our priority.

If you fit certain criteria, you may be eligible for up to 5 consultations that are subsidised by medicare over a 12 month period.  For medicare to cover a portion of your consultation we require a referral document from your GP confirming that a medicare plan has been implemented (this is often mailed to us directly by your GP).

Please speak to your GP or osteopath to enquire if you are likely to be a candidate for a medicare extended primary care plan.

Depending on your insurer and level of cover you may be eligible for a rebate on your consultation.  We have hicaps facilities at the clinic which allow you to claim on the spot and avoid the need to go instore or submit receipts online to claim.  For further details about your level of cover contact your private health insurer.

We understand that your privacy is important and will do our utmost to make you feel modest and comfortable.  It is important that your osteopath is able to observe your movement and posture and easily access your area of pain and other regions that may be causing it.  We recommend loose-fitting clothing, such as tracksuit pants or shorts.  You will also be draped with a towel throughout the consultation for comfort.

If you are a private patient a referral is not required to attend for an Osteopathic consultation.  Simply call Quay Osteopathy to make an appointment.

However, if TAC, workcover or DVA are applicable to you, you may need to see your GP for a referral before payment is approved for your osteopathic treatments.

Yes, we are registered to treat DVA cardholders.  DVA will be billed directly.

Please contact the clinic on 03 5215 1106 for up-to-date information about our fee structure.  We have hicaps and eftpos facilities at the clinic to make payment options easy.

During your initial consultation at Quay Osteopathy you can expect your Osteopath to take a thorough history, detailing how the pain or discomfort started, how it has progressed and anything that you have done already to ease your symptoms.  Your osteopath will also take a complete medical history which may provide key information to the underlying cause of the condition or may be referred back to next time you attend the clinic for a different complaint.

Your osteopath will then complete a musculo-skeletal assessment to identify your pain and diagnose the cause of it (sometimes this may be obvious, like a gardening injury; other times it requires careful consideration of repetitive patterns associated with home, sport or work).

After explaining the condition to you, your osteopath will perform gentle soft tissue techniques to promote relaxation of the muscular tone and improved mobility of the joints

Lastly, you will go home with exercise and advice on how to prevent the injury recurring.

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